Imagine… you are a middle-class family with two children. You and your spouse have stable jobs and a good income. Suddenly, you lose your job and haven’t been successful in finding work in over a year. Your spouse is employed, however according to the *U.S. Poverty Guidelines, makes “too much” to qualify your family for assistance. You have no family nearby to help, have run out of savings, and are about to go into foreclosure with your home. You are in crisis…what do you do and where do you go for help?

This family will need many services to get through their crisis. Unfortunately, to receive services they will have to go to one place for food, another for legal counsel, another for financial assistance, and yet another for employment services. It could take months to navigate the system to get back on track and to prevent another crisis which could result in homelessness.

HOPE’s future Resource Center will help in alleviating the burden of individuals and families having to travel across town to receive services; having partner agencies on-site providing increased access to
community programs.

You can help us reach our goal to raise $1.6million to be stronger and
debt free, allowing HOPE to better serve our client families and
focus on the programs that serve them.

Serving better…

  • HOPE will be doubling its space, not only providing a welcoming environment for clients indoors, but also additional space for partner agencies who will collaborate to provide increased access to community programs
  • Families will be able to meet with a case manager in a private setting, giving them the dignity and respect they deserve
  • Those seeking access to food stamp and health care applications on-line will be provided a private workspace, with assistance from case managers
    Offices will be provided for partner service agencies to satellite at HOPE, providing much needed services for clients, without having to travel across town
  • HOPE’s Food Pantry and back-stock will be at the same location; alleviating the cost of off-site food storage which will save multiple trips by staff and volunteers who currently transport food from storage to the food pantry
  • Case Managers will have their own offices, which were formerly open cubicles with very limited privacy
  • Offices will also be available for Interns and Volunteers who work at HOPE regularly
  • Our Financial Literacy program will be enhanced, with additional computers available in the Resource Center
  • Parking will be on-site, alleviating unsafe conditions of client families (including elderly and disabled) crossing a high traffic road

Naming Opportunities

  • Resource Center (812 Eyrie Drive) $300,000
  • Food Pantry $150,000
  • Education/Computer Room $75,000
  • Reception/Waiting Room $75,000
  • Workspace for volunteers/interns $75,000
  • Conference Room (2) $60,000 each
  • Offices for Partner Agencies (2) $60,000 each
  • HOPE Support Services $60,000
  • Volunteer Break Room $50,000
  • Administration Building
    • Conference Room $60,000
    • Office of CEO $30,000
    • Office of Director of Finance $30,000
    • Office of HOPE Case Mgmt Staff (4) $30,000 each
  • The HOPE Chest – Thrift Shop/Boutique (1802 W. Broadway) $300,000
    • Boutique $150,000
    • Donation Area $75,000
    • Volunteer Break Room $50,000
    • Dressing Room (2) $15,000 each

Donor names on buildings and rooms will be for at least 10 years or until HOPE Helps moves locations and/or redesigns the building/space.

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