A Story of HOPE – Jerry

A Story of HOPE – Jerry
*HOPE uses AI generated images to represent the clients in these cases while maintaining their privacy.

Many of our clients are shocked to find themselves needing our services. Sometimes hard times seemingly jump out of nowhere and it can take a very long time to dig yourself out of those unexpected holes. Such is the case with Jerry. 
Jerry came to HOPE in 2022. He and his family of 4 had just moved to the area from out of state and were victims of price gouging from the moving company, who drained all of the money he had saved for the move. Jerry was incredibly defeated; he was in need of help with rental assistance while he tried to establish himself in Seminole County. Jerry and his family lived primarily on a fixed income due to several disabilities. HOPE was able to offer him food assistance and enroll him in HOPE’s Financial Literacy program, which allowed him to be approved for rental assistance support. Since then, Jerry has utilized our food pantry regularly and participated in our outreach events. He has also attended required 1:1 financial counseling sessions and a budget workshop. With the support of HOPE, Jerry has now moved into a nicer rental home where he is more comfortable raising his family outside of apartment living. Jerry states, “HOPE has helped me immensely. I am able to live a better life. My finances were going downhill and HOPE helped get me back on the right path“. 
Thanks to our supportive community, we have the resources and support in place so when someone finds themself lost and not sure where to go, we can guide them and provide assistance and support to get them back on track.


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