Meet the Team

Joan Faulkner, President / Chief Executive Officer

Joan is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and implementing the…

Janis Williams, Chief Financial Officer

Janis is responsible for annual financial statements and tax returns…

Sylvia Bova, Development/Sponsorship Manager

Sylvia is responsible for managing fundraising/sponsorships, and donor relations…..

Patricia Genao, LCSW, Program / Case Manager

Patricia is responsible for managing all of the activities of the Resource…….

Tammy Lennox, Volunteer Manager

Tammy is responsible for recruiting, scheduling and orientating volunteers …

Sue Shoemaker, The HOPE Chest Thrift/Boutique Manager

Sue is responsible for managing the sales and operations of HOPE’s …

Diane Isla, Operations Manager

Diane is responsible for coordinating administration duties and office procedures, ensuring…

Carolyn Sawaya, Events Coordinator

Carolyn is the lead for HOPE events. She is responsible for coordinating HOPE’s

Lauren Francis, Marketing Coordinator

Lauren is responsible for designing all of the creative content for internal and external…….

Cristina Parson, Food Pantry Coordinator

Cristina is responsible for completing the food inventory and ordering the…….

Aleika Arboleda, Case Manager

Aleika is responsible for greeting and assisting all individuals and families in crisis directing…

Kelly Kritikos, Resource Specialist

Kelly is responsible for greeting and assisting all individuals and families in crisis directing……

Diana Elenz, Customer Service Rep

Diana is responsible for organizing the sorting room, pricing linens and toys, and promoting the daily deals…

Gloria Beekman, HOPE Chest Lead

As a HOPE Chest Thrift/Boutique lead, Gloria is responsible for customer…

Charlotte Yates, Customer Service Rep

Charlotte is responsible for customer service and beautifying HOPE’s thrift…

Linda Smart, Customer Service Rep

Linda is responsible for community donation intake and sorting and working…

Jeannene Dickson, Program Assistant

Jeannene provides support in HOPE’s Financial Literacy program by collecting…….

Riana Sukhu, Assistant Store Manager

Riana is responsible for organizing and pricing community donations, helping guide…

Tom Freeman, Customer Service Rep/Driver

Tom is responsible for driving HOPE’s vehicles for pickups and deliveries,

Susan Hilley-Arcaya, Customer Service Rep

Sue is responsible for customer service, and organizing and pricing community donations

Kimberly Warner, Customer Service Rep

Kimberly is responsible for customer service and beautifying HOPE’s thrift store/boutique, The HOPE Chest….

Joanne Stark, Customer Service Rep

Joanne is responsible for customer service, sorting and pricing community donations…

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