HOPE Helps, Inc's mission is to prevent and reduce hunger and homelessness in Central Florida by equipping individuals and families to become self-sufficient through Housing, Outreach, Prevention, and Education.

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HOPE's Food Pantry provides nonperishable food, produce, meat and fresh bread, 4-days per week, all at no charge. Open 9a - 2p on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and 9a - Noon on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

New Pantry Hours!

**Starting August 1st, the Food Pantry will have new hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays: Open to clients from 9:00a-11:30a, closed 11:30a-12:30p, and reopened 12:30p-3:30p.



HOPE serves the working poor, many clients who have never been in crisis before and the homeless. We believe in equipping individuals and families with the tools necessary to get them through their crisis by offering case management, financial literacy and access to additional resources.

Are you in need?

HOPE can help!

How do I qualify?

You must be a Seminole County, FL resident who believes they are in need of assistance.

Do you have questions?

Call us! We are here to help. Please give us a call at 321.765.4984 and leave a voice message with your contact information, we will reach out to you within 48 hours.

How to apply?

News from HOPE

Story of HOPE: Felicia

Felicia came to HOPE asking for assistance. She was in crisis because she lost her apartment due to hurricane Ian. She shared that her landlord sold the property she was residing in. As a result, she was residing in a hotel and eventually did not have any funds for the hotel and ended up living out of her […]

A Story of HOPE- DeAndre

Sometimes a little stability and consistency go a long way. DeAndre had a great job in insurance sales for a large law firm. However, his job, which depended on visits to client homes, suffered when the pandemic hit, causing his company to lay him off. Then things began to spiral. DeAndre lost his car and […]

A Story of HOPE- Hollie

When times are tough even the smallest obstacles can turn into serious challenges. Hollie and her extended family have been clients of HOPE throughout difficult seasons of their lives. Hollie in particular lives on a fixed income and raises three grandkids. As such, she and the children have benefited tremendously from HOPE’s annual Christmas in […]

A Story of HOPE – Maria

I was frozen, I didn’t want to speak to management.” -Maria (HOPE Client) Maria arrived at HOPE after a three-hour bus ride via Lynx from Altamonte Springs to Oviedo. She was between jobs and car trouble left her with no reliable transportation. She heard about HOPE through 211 – United Way of Central Florida’s telephone human services directory, […]

A Story of HOPE- Alisia

“After the move, I was overwhelmed and got behind fast” is what Alisia told one of HOPE’s case managers when she first came to us for help. Alisia, a single mom, had recently moved across Central Florida to provide a better life for her daughter but had fallen on tough times. Alisia lived in Lake County through the […]

A story of HOPE- Kendra

Last year Kendra lost her job and she couldn’t pay her rent. Fears of eviction mounted as her due date approached. Meanwhile her job search remained at a standstill. Then, Kendra learned about calling “211” which is a telephone human services directory run by United Way of Central Florida. She was then referred to HOPE […]

A Story of HOPE – Bill

During New Year’s individuals and families re-evaluate, reset and recharge. Many set goals and “resolutions” for the coming year, while others bask in the freedom of an empty calendar brimming with possibilities. 2022 was a difficult year with record high housing prices, steep inflation, and constant stock market churn. Often, the only thing that was […]

A Story of HOPE – Charles & Jasmine

Charles and Jasmine recently found themselves underwater financially after investing in a startup company that didn’t pan out. As a stop gap they did what many others have been doing, they moved back in with their family. However, after several months the stress of the arrangement quickly took its toll on both parties, leaving Charles […]

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