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Joanne Stark, Customer Service Rep

Joanne is responsible for customer service, sorting and pricing community donations…

Kimberly Warner, Customer Service Rep

Kimberly is responsible for customer service and beautifying HOPE’s thrift store/boutique, The HOPE Chest….

A Story of HOPE – Catherine

Catherine, a single adult, has been dealing with a brain tumor that has been affecting her ability to work. She is now the legal guardian of her two teenage siblings as both of their parents died within a year of each other, and she’s been struggling financially to make ends meet. A friend of Catherine’s […]

HOPE’s 13th Annual Kids of HOPE Back to School Bash

Presented by Orlando Health, this annual event was held on Saturday, August 7th where hundreds of local registered children in need received everything they need to get prepared for the new school year. The event was kicked off by two local students; one playing a rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner by Saxophone, and the other […]

A Story of HOPE – Ellen

Ellen, who is a single mother of 3, has been a HOPE client on and off for almost 10 years. She strived to provide for her family, but due to mental health issues and a lack of support to raise her kids, she struggled to maintain housing and employment. Throughout the years, she has utilized […]

A Story of HOPE – Vanessa

Vanessa, a single mother of three, was working two jobs to provide a stable home for her sons. During the height of the pandemic one of her employers shut down and she fell behind on rent. Not knowing how to exercise her rights, she was evicted from her home and had to move into a motel. Vanessa used […]

A Story of HOPE – Laura

Thank you for helping Laura, a single mother who was recently hospitalized with serious health issues and had to take a leave of absence from work. Her stimulus checks were a great help but she quickly realized she wouldn’t have enough money to meet her expenses until she was able to return to work. Laura reached out […]

A Story of HOPE – Larissa

Thank you for easing the stress and worry of a pregnant mother. Larissa’s family was facing unfamiliar territory when her hours at work were cut due to the pandemic and then she began having pregnancy complications. Previously, she and her husband had been able to afford everything they needed without stress. When her hours were […]

A Story of HOPE – Scarlett

We love success stories! Even though she was working, Scarlett had been overwhelmed by expenses while she was going to school. Barely making it while supporting herself for her education, her hours were cut during Covid and she began to fall behind on several bills. Shortly before graduating she was facing eviction and homelessness. Scarlett reached out to […]

HOPE’s Current Needs

HOPE’s greatest need in addition to items listed below is funding to be able to support our mission in keeping families in their homes.  Your donation or pledge, no matter the amount, will help prevent hunger and homelessness for our homebound clients, individuals and families with children in need.  Your donation or pledge will help […]

HOPE Helps’ Board of Directors 2020

On behalf of the staff and current board of HOPE Helps, Inc., I am happy to welcome Cathy Droke, Oviedo Medical Center, Megan Pavel, MBA Student/Rollins College, and David Duda, A. Duda and Sons to HOPE’s Board of Directors. HOPE has worked hard to expand its reach in engaging new and community leaders to promote […]

A Story of HOPE

Jim has served at HOPE for 8 years as a volunteer, served on HOPE’s Board of Directors, and continues to serve families in need weekly. Jim loves to share stories of HOPE! Watch above to hear one of his stories this!

40 Days – 40 Items Challenge

What are you giving up for Lent this year? Why not try the HOPE Chest’s 40 Days 40 Items Challenge? Each day of Lent remove one item from your house that you no longer use or wear and place it in a bag. At the end of Lent, donate these clean and resellable items to […]

Susan Hilley-Arcaya, Customer Service Rep

Sue is responsible for customer service, and organizing and pricing community donations

No child should have to go hungry – especially during the holidays.

More than 50% of students in Seminole County are receiving free or reduced lunches at school – so what happens when school is out during the holiday season? For these children and their families, the holidays aren’t always full of celebration. When it is a struggle to put food on the table, children often lose […]

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