A note from The HOPE Chest Manager

A note from The HOPE Chest Manager
Ever wonder why every time you come into The HOPE Chest things have moved? We really aren’t trying to confuse you! The layout in the store is constantly evolving for many reasons, the biggest being the number of wonderful donations we receive every day. We are always monitoring the sales of certain items to see if we need more room for them. If we are selling a lot of something, we know you want more, so we make space for it! Safety is always at the top of the list when we decide to change things. There is a lot of “stuff” here and we never want anyone to bump into or fall over anything. We have actually made changes due to customer comments as well. We listen! Any comments or ideas are always welcome.
April will be a time of change for The HOPE Chest. There will be new staff members, new volunteers and of course new donations. Please come meet our staff, old and new and find YOUR treasure.
Thank you for your continued support!
-Sue Shoemaker
The HOPE Chest Store Manager


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