Volunteer Spotlight: Girl Scout Troop 1956

Volunteer Spotlight: Girl Scout Troop 1956
“Our girl scout troop chooses a charity each year to contribute a portion of their cookie sales.  Last year they chose the Humane Society.  This year, we were working on a badge and watched a video created by PBS about Homeless kids.  I never saw the girls pay more attention than while watching the video.  I think it really opened their eyes to how easy it is for a family to become homeless, not be able to pay their bills and just need the basics, like food and snacks.  They wanted to do something to help.
This was just before Christmas and before cookie sale season.  Each year, the girls vote between several charities – this year they overwhelmingly selected HOPE.  The girls began decorating bags (troop leader, Karrie Shannon picked them up). Karrie and I also shopped for the food from the list items, brought them to the girls during a troop meeting and then the girls worked to fill the bags – and even set aside girl scout cookies to contribute too!”
– Jenny Kemp Haget
For more information on hosting a food drive, click here. 


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