A Story of HOPE – Charles & Jasmine

A Story of HOPE – Charles & Jasmine

Charles and Jasmine recently found themselves underwater financially after investing in a startup company that didn’t pan out. As a stop gap they did what many others have been doing, they moved back in with their family. However, after several months the stress of the arrangement quickly took its toll on both parties, leaving Charles and Jasmine back to square one. 

With housing prices at astronomical levels, they were unable to find a place where they could live together under one roof. As such, Charles decided to live out of his car while Jasmine moved in with the kids to a friend’s house. That’s when they turned to HOPE for help. 

First, we helped them search for housing and apply for food stamps. Next, we offered them financial counseling and identified better investing and spending habits. Lastly, we provided them with fresh food from our choice food pantry. Not long thereafter, things began to look up, and Charles and Jasmine found themselves a step away from getting into an apartment. 

Unfortunately, there was another setback – the deal fell through. But HOPE remained undeterred. We stayed by their side, and spent time with them helping them figure out the next move. Not only that, we advocated for them during the search process and the hard work eventually paid off as we were able to help get them approved for another apartment! HOPE also assisted them with their rental deposit and provided a voucher to the HOPE Chest for them receive needed items for their new residence. 

We were happy to help Charles and Jasmine, and were even happier to learn recently that they have found financial stability, are on track to completing their case plan and no longer need to come to the food pantry for assistance, which is one of the goals of our homelessness prevention model. 

We can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds in their lives, and we’re thankful to be able to help people just like Charles and Jasmine every day because of the generous support of our donors, staff, board members, partners, volunteer and friends.


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