A story of HOPE- Tracy

A story of HOPE- Tracy

Tracy heard about HOPE Helps through a friend. She was facing a medical crisis when she reached out, and shared that she had a cyst that was preventing her from working full days at work and that she was scheduled to have a hysterectomy in the upcoming months.

In addition, she shared that due to her medical condition, she lost hours at work, and did not have money for rent or food. She was also concerned that she did not have enough money to feed her 11-year-old and 5-year-old. She had been struggling with her medical issues and finances for some time and in trying to find a solution she had recently moved into low-income housing. Despite this, she was still having difficulty with her health and especially her finances. 

HOPE’s case managers signed her up for our choice food pantry and after that they did their intakes. They were able to schedule her for financial counseling, and the financial counselor and Tracy created a budget together. Tracy then set some goals which included paying her rent on time, taking hikes with her children and taking care of her mental health as well. She expressed her gratitude and shared that although there are things that she still has to work on, that the help we gave her helped her out tremendously.

Tracy’s journey shows that although we may face many challenges, with some help from others, the journey does not have to be one we have to walk through alone. With some support from HOPE Helps, she was able to face her challenges and she was provided with some tools to assist her to become financially stable. She also gained a different outlook on things and is now optimistic about the future.


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