A Story of HOPE – Meadow

A Story of HOPE – Meadow

As homelessness becomes more prevalent many people are still learning how to navigate the agencies they are seeking assistance from. At HOPE Helps, we are cognizant on how distressful this could be and we are glad to say we have a system in place to help clients through crises. We have several staff members that are trained in using a strengths based approach, trauma informed care and coordinating services for clients to achieve a better outcome.  

One of our most recent clients, Meadow, was experiencing homelessness and applied for our financial rental assistance. She indicated “I’m living in a hotel, take Uber and have had my move in date changed 3 times, would you please assist me with utility assistance or more because I cannot afford everything.” 

When we reached out to Meadow, we did an intake and she was then placed under case management. She was shortly after scheduled for financial counseling. She shared, during her financial counseling session, that she was a business major and was renting an AIR BNB with 27 other people and that she did not have access to a kitchen and as a result she lived on DoorDash. She also shared she found an apartment rental for $850 and was asking for rental assistance for her and her son who has Autism.  

Upon reviewing her case we provided utility and rental assistance and were able to speak to her landlord to get her housed as soon as possible. Once her case plan was complete she told our case manager the following: “Thank you for calling, I’m doing pretty well financially. I am doing a lot better and have saved money. My son is really grateful because his mom could take him to places! I learned to write a budget in my notebook and have learned to prioritize. My son and I are really thankful for the financial assistance.”   

At HOPE Helps, we are glad to be serving those who are facing all types of crisis and are proud to see that many of our clients are learning new financial habits, are keeping food on their table and that we are providing housing stability to individuals and families.  


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