A Story of HOPE- Hollie

A Story of HOPE- Hollie

When times are tough even the smallest obstacles can turn into serious challenges.

Hollie and her extended family have been clients of HOPE throughout difficult seasons of their lives. Hollie in particular lives on a fixed income and raises three grandkids. As such, she and the children have benefited tremendously from HOPE’s annual

Christmas in the City and Back to School Bash events, as well as HOPE’s choice food pantry and HOPE Chest vouchers.

Raising three children during retirement is daunting enough, however things became even more difficult for Hollie this year

when her daughter died. This left Hollie to care for her daughter’s two children as well as the three grandkids already under her care. Additionally, Hollie became hospitalized due to complications after the tragedy.

Hollie remained in the hospital for two months. During that time her church and relatives cared for the now 5 grandchildren under Hollie’s care as best they could.

When Hollie was released her income made it difficult to provide for two more children. She managed somewhat by baby-sitting as a side job, but she was still coming up a few hundred dollars short for her rent, and soon thereafter an eviction was forthcoming if she didn’t pay.

With all the tough circumstances going on in her life, coming up a few hundred dollars short cascaded into a serious challenge. That’s when Hollie came to HOPE for financial assistance for the first time.

We provided rent assistance for her current month and then, due to technology constraints at her home, we met with Hollie 1:1 in-person for financial counseling and helped her set a budget. By us helping her and her relatives, Hollie was able to connect with The United States Social Security Administration. Soon thereafter she received her Social Security income and she has remained in her home!

While Hollie will continue to utilize HOPE’s signature events and choice food pantry in the near term for her grandkids, we’re happy our financial programs were able to get her back on her feet and help her avoid a homeless situation.


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