From food to finances, HOPE helps

From food to finances, HOPE helps

Edith, her husband, and their two children had been coming to HOPE’s Food Pantry since April 2018 following a difficult out-of-state move that saw them living out of an RV on various local campgrounds. Edith was unable to work during this time and used HOPE’s food pantry to save money so that her family could transition into more affordable housing in the near future. She was able to utilize HOPE’s case management services to help in her search as well as keep her on track with her other goals, which included enrolling her children into public school after homeschooling them during this transition period. Her family was able to celebrate the holidays with help from HOPE’s 11th annual Christmas in the City and acquire new clothing with a voucher to HOPE’s thrift store/boutique, The HOPE Chest. Edith also had the chance to meet with a financial counselor to learn how to budget her money in order to catch up on late bills, set up a student loan repayment plan for herself, and plan for the future.

At one of her follow-up meetings with a case manager, Edith was very happy to share that her family had found affordable housing near her husband’s job and that they were moving in the following day. Edith said the move felt bittersweet because she would be moving out-of-county and the staff at HOPE had made her feel at home during a very challenging time for her family. HOPE is proud of the progress Edith and her family have made and wish them continued success.

If you know of someone in need of any resources provided at HOPE, please contact  or 321-765-4984.


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