Into Their New Home

Into Their New Home
Last month, a local family, who found themselves without a home, located an available apartment and came to HOPE seeking assistance with the deposit. The young family of 5 was temporarily staying with other family members, crammed into a 2 bedroom home, after being evicted from their home. Living off a limited income, the mother, Erin, and father, Chris, found it difficult to be able to afford both the first month’s rent as well as the deposit.

Erin met with HOPE’s volunteer financial counselor for a thorough review of the family’s finances. It was important that the family had a realistic budget and could afford to pay rent each month in the new place. They were able to establish a plan to set aside the rent money each month. With this plan in place, HOPE was able to provide assistance with the deposit. The family was grateful for the help and was able to move in shortly after, with HOPE offering furniture to furnish their new home free of charge with a voucher to HOPE’s thrift store, The HOPE Chest location at 1802 W. Broadway Street in Oviedo.

If you know of someone in need of any resources provided at HOPE, please contact or 321-765-4984.


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